For over 30 years, Timm has offered quality reproductions of his canvas and original mural paintings. Now it's easier than ever to own one of these pieces and start your own collection. Almost any painting Timm has done can be reproduced on canvas at nearly any size that'll fit in a UPS or FedEx truck. If you have a painting in mind that isn't featured in our online store, fill out the form to the right and request a price.

Quality Canvas Wrap Reproductions
• 0.75" Canvas Wrap
• 1.5" Canvas Wrap
• 2.5" Canvas Wrap
• Archival Smooth Fine Art Paper
• Framed or un-framed
• Hanging Hardware

My professional relationship with Badger Airbrush started back in 1996 and has been nothing short of an awesome experience. I have had an opportunity to travel to California, Las Vegas, Germany, and England. I have had the pleasure of meeting an incredible group of dedicated people that form the Badger Team & I have formed a great friendship with Ken and his family of which I am eternally grateful.

The Badger Anthem 155 is the airbrush that I use. From the tight details on my  smaller paintings to the everyday use I put them through on the murals, the Anthem  is a tool I would recommend to everyone interested in a high quality, versatile airbrush.
I cannot say enough about how the Anthem withstands the punishment I put them through. I paint anywhere from 6 to 12 hours a day and a well cleaned airbrush can last me throughout multiple murals without any problems.

A beginner will find this brush very easy to use (check out the pictures on the  A.I.R. Programpage) and extremely comfortable to work with no matter how large or small your hand is, or if you are right or left handed. A professional will notice the weight and balance of this brush to be not only comfortable and easy to maintain, but that it will also allow him or her to paint without worrying about the equipment. I've noticed that when I can get into a groove painting, the last thing I need to be dealing with is problems with my tools.

Badger products greatly reduce that worry for me.

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​​For your School or Office

This is where you will find all of the custom designed apparel & other products re-created from Timm's original paintings & drawings. Items include, but are not limited to:  

For your Home or Office

  • Screen Printed T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts
  • Laser-Etched Fleece Jackets
  • Mugs, Water Bottles, and Mouse Pads
  • Posters, Note Pads, & Bookmarks
  • The Dropas Novels & Collectables
  • Spiritual Journals

MURALGEAR, JYROglyphics, & more...